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How should I cash in my winning tickets?

Last year I was in Vegas, I placed like 7 separate bets and won about $10,000. I haven't been back since and the tickets are about to expire soon. So how should I go about cashing them? I am quite far from Vegas and would cost $500 to get there.

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    If this was real, you'd have thought of that when you made your bets.

    If this was real, you'd have asked before now (it's not like they expire in 2 weeks)

    If this was real, you'd know you can mail them back if you want.

    If this was real, you wouldn't worry about spending $500 to cash in $10,000.

    So why not take a boat back to Vegas, paypal me $50 and I'll email you a ticket.  I know a guy.

    You can do better.

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      Trolls are not known for their intellect...

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