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Anyone have any idea about fish?

I’ve recently got some small platys and danios fish, and the filter/ pump (2 in 1 apparently) came with the tank new, I brought a clam that’s supposed to blow bubbles, I connected a tube to the clam from the pump but it isn’t strong enough to blow bubbles. It does at first but then it stops after 4 seconds I’ll include the photo of what the filter/pump says on it. I have no idea how strong of a pump I need in order to blow bubbles, its about a 14l tank and theres only 8 tiny fish in it. Any help with this or links? Thanks

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    The pump may be faulty if it was, and it sounds like it was since it sounds like it was a fish tank decoration, designed for fish tanks. They don't need that much power to produce bubbles. 2 watts should be plenty. Return it claiming it doesn't work right and get it exchanged. 

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