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Drama seen a long time ago!?

Hello. I need your help! 

I wonder what drama I've watched a long time ago (more than 10 years! It could be a rerun). 

Use translator to understand what's not smooth! 

The characters were about the age of elementary school! Perhaps they used English!

There are a few scenes I remember ... 

1. A blonde ponytail girl (K) was sitting by the fountain. The fat boy (L) came up and surprised K. So K fell into a fountain. Later, I remember the scene of K driving in my mother's car. 

2. (different character from scenes 1) A dark-haired short-haired girl (M) asked a boy (not L!) To get a ring (or a necklace?). M's angry that the boy can't give it. I remember the scene where M met grandma at the man's grandmother's house. Grandma says it's important for her husband to give her, but she gives it to M. I remember the scene of M crying and refusing it. 

3. When K passes under a tree, M and L and others sprinkle liquid on K and finally yellow feathers. They looked at K and laughed together.

If you know about this drama, please reply! I've been wondering for years...

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