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Uzaif asked in SportsWrestling · 1 month ago

Who was a better Storyteller in the Ring, Eddie Guerrero or Jushin Thunder Liger?

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    I think Eddie Guerrero did. Eddie had great psychology and storytelling. Eddie Guerrero knew how to get cheered as a face, and booed as a heel. He always knew how to get the fans involved in a match(It also had something to do with his high charisma and presence) He knew how to make fans feel all types of emotions in the ring.

    Even as a face, Eddie was good at it, and when he sold, the fans booed his heel opponent. He could be a good sportsman and endearing to the fans.

    As a heel though? He knew how to get heat in the ring by been aggressive, mocking/disrespecting his opponents, taunting the fans, cheating, and knowing his surroundings. Eddie could deliver a high quality match no matter the pace he wrestled(He was great it, too). You best believe if his opponents got injured, he would work on a body part. He did everything for a purpose.

    He wasn't the best on the mic, but he said what was on his mind and stayed true to himself, while doing what his character would do at the same time. Real good seller, great worker, great crowd worker(Not a true master, because it's really hard to read everything the fans want out of you) and great at executing a game plan.

    Jushin Liger was great at working a crowd into a frenzy though, especially later in his career. He knew how to work. His skills were underrated in the states, or they just didn't know how skilled and accomplished he was. He got really good at selling, in my opinion, and knew psychology.

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  • David
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    1 month ago

    Latino Heat. Eddie!

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