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Is my ex-husband's new wife abusing our children?

I filed for divorce over a year ago. My children go to my ex's house every other week. He seems to treat them with respect. His new wife, however, doesn't seem to care for children. She even got her tubes tied just in case.

Starting six months ago, my eldest (a 2yo boy) would come home with a bruise on each of his legs. He was wailing and I asked how he got it. My husband always says he had no idea. His wife would always say that he was "playing with rocks", which sounds suspicious.

Starting from two months ago, my 9mo daughter would come home with a new bruise on a random part of her body. I asked how that could have happened. She said that she was crawling around and got bit by their dog. I have a REALLY hard time believing this, too, because there aren't any bite marks and since they own a Doberman Pinscher, it would do far more damage that that.

What is actually going on?

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    if i were u i would contact child protecting services.

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  • 3 months ago

    Nice try, this isn't true.

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