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After my Mom's cousin had an affair the whole family fell apart in infighting. How could an affair destroy an entire extended family?

I will tell the story below so you understand what I am talking about. Then answer the question above.

In this affair some were backing the cousin and her lover with others backing her husband she left. Many like my parents claimed her husband had done no wrong other then be a hard worker and began practically worshiping him. Meanwhile others like my aunt called him an arrogant puss and backed the cousin and said there was no affair and Chuck (the boyfriend) was just a friend. As a teen I backed my parents and began calling the cousin's lover and berating him and calling him horrible names. After a while my mother said the phone calls were making it worse so to stop.

Well 15 years later the cousin who had the affair has died (last year). She stayed with the guy though never married him until her death bed. The lover is already seeing someone new I hear (and she just left her husband is the gossip). Meanwhile the cousin's ex who my parents practically worshiped is now a bitter old man and we don't know him at all. He remarried and fell of the face of the earth from there. He is divorced again I hear.

My question is this, how could an affair, as awful as it may be, destroy the entire closeness of an extended family that was once close?

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    It's simple, some in the family took the husbands' side and the others took their cousins' side and apparently none of them made an effort to get the family back together. Your mother and father said he was a hard worker, that usually means pretty much working all the time and apparently his wife was needing some affection from him, like sex and loving and it's the spouse place to provide that for her.

    The other ones probably felt he wasn't providing what she really needed and that  caused problems. How old are you? You see on here how many woman are talking about cheating? Some females do need a quite of bit of sex.

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    This is hilarious. Why can't the extended family mind their own business and why take sides? No one knows what happened between your Mom's cousin and their spouse behind closed doors.... so no one can know what their real issues were at all. And it's none of anyone's business what's going on with them, or why their marriage crumbled.

    Your family sounds as if they never grew past 10 years old on an emotional level. So ridiculous.

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    Another day, another version of your family's soap opera.

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