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if a man is not into brute strength or combat sports, does that make him less manly?


or man that isn't into fighting?? a lot of guys from tough neighborhoods put a lot of pride in beating another guy in a fight 

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  • Nom
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    2 weeks ago

    what makes a man less manly is being a punk, if you dont have a medical condition why is defending yourself not important? there alpha males, average males and beta males alpha males are the top of the food chain normal guys are the majority and then you have betas the bottom feeders......too a beta everyone is perceived as bigger stronger faster ect betas arent manly like normal guys or super manly like alphas.....they arent masculine at all

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  • 1 month ago

    No. The idea of being 'manly' as being brutely strong and aggressive is an issue that has been going on for generations upon generations. It's a phrase called 'toxic masculinity,' where men are forced into a box of what is 'manly' and 'masculine.' My apologies for sounding preachy, but I wouldn't worry about being 'manly.'

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