Lockpicking Problems?

So I'm back at my home where there are nobody because this house became mine coz of my parents are deceased.

Problem is, the key to some room are gone and I tried to lockpick it myself

1. success in moving all the pin inside the lock

2. Move the lock from initial position

3. Then stuck at 7 o'clock

At the final part, I can see the pin showing again, is this normal or i have to try putting the pin inside again? Coz it's really hard this time around

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1 Answer

  • Bill
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Call a locksmith to make new keys or replace the locks.

    • Aprasya1 month agoReport

      actually, im doing it myself coz that option is not viable because this is in the middle of nowhere, I tried asking the one on the city and it takes around 100$ for the locks and transportation... kinda wanted to do it myself first if its possible

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