What is the race of the peoples of central asia (kazakhs, kyrgyzs, turkmen, uzbeks, tadjiks)? Mongoloid, Caucasoid or mixed of both?

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  • 3 months ago
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    A mixture. Following the Mongol conquests, the ruling Mongol elites of the Mongol successor states began a process of assimilation with the non-Mongol populations that they ruled over. The population of the Golden Horde was largely a mixture of Turks and Mongols who adopted Islam later, as well as smaller numbers of Finno-Ugrians, Sarmato-Scythians, Slavs, and people from the Caucasus, among others (whether Muslim or not). Most of the Horde's population was Turkic: Kipchaks, Cumans, Volga Bulgars, Khwarezmians, and others. The Horde was gradually Turkified and lost its Mongol identity.

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  • 3 months ago

    They are humans. People cannot be divided into races the way you have in mind.

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    Central Asians and Mongolians are not Caucasians or Han Chinese, because Mongolians are more closely related to Central Asians than to the Chinese. Central Asians migrated out of Africa along with the ancestors of all other non-Africans 60,000 years ago. While other people migrated mostly to SE Asia, the Central Asians settled in Central Asia. 40,000 years ago, some Central Asians migrated to ice age Europe and became Europeans.

    Other Central Asians migrated to Mongolia and Siberia and even Japan, and those in Japan became the Ainu, now a minority in Japan. The Ainu resembles Europeans in having light skin and lots of facial hair, but they are not Europeans or Caucasians. Instead their facial hair and light skin are adaptations to cold climates, IOW the result of convergent evolution because they independently evolved these cold adapations by living in a similar climate of ice age Europeans. Some of these people who settled in north Asia later migrated to North America at the end of the last ice age 13,000 years ago.

    Central Asians therefore are basal or more "primitive" than Caucasians. They evolved some of the cold climate adapations seen later in Europeans but their habitat is not quite cold enough for them to evolve all the adaptations seen in Europeans. Even though they may resemble the Chinese somewhat, they are not closely related to the Chinese. THe old classification of "monogloid" (grouping the Chinese and Mongolians) is no longer valid. Central Asians also migrated to SE Asia, including China, but there they are a smaller percentage of the total population than the Han Chinese.

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