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How do you change a tubed tire without Punching the tube?

Seems no matter how careful I am, I touch the tube with a tire iron and hole it. Best  to only use a rawhide mallet to tap bead on and maybe some C Clamps? (these rims are chromed steel spoked)

 Disappointing to get tire seated then wont hold pressure..Have to unseat and pull out tube to patch, again. Even a New tube.


I have 2 long ones from Harbor freight and a shorter bicycle bar.  all  3 have one curved and 1 flat end. Also tried  using  handle on a pair of pliers to push rim off. 

Update 2:

Oh,just found my real short 12" bike irons. That makes 5 irons..

Update 3:

Devil, I've tried this twice on two very different rims/tires/tubes. Even New tubes,  Very Carefully., still they get a pinhole. I think 'Id best not use a lever at all to remount, just C-clamps, rawhide mallet, plenty of lube. 

why do you have me Blocked?

Update 4:

Stem not getting torn,  made of steel and I use 2 nuts.  Only bicycles  have  rubber stems, or, tubeless tires. 

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    Right tools and methods for doing it correctly.

    First the tools-  two short 8" and two long 15-18" tires irons WITH curved ends.

    Deflate tube, use one short and one long iron to break the bead off the rim, use two long irons to release the bead from the rim on one side. Pull the valve stem from the tire first. Do what needs to be done to the tube and back-track.

    Back-track-  Little different method from removal but close. Replace the valve stem first, spread the tube out in the tire, slightly inflate to spread it out evenly, than deflate.

    Using both long and short irons work the tire slowly back onto the rim. A little paraffin wax on the edges of the rim and the tire can help with the grip at the restart.

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    Work more carefully. Watch that the tube stays out of the way of the prybar. Make sure you inflate the tire hard enough so the tire doesn't slip on the rim and tear the stem.

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    take the valve out first so you can push the tube out of the way when levering the tyre off 

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      ".. tap bead on.."  ".. get tire seated..". How to REPLACE the tire. Not Remove it. 

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