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Old question, category History: Do you think Bruce Ismay should or should have not boarded a lifeboat on the Titanic, was he a coward?


The James Cameron's movie BLASTS him. 

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    Poor Mr. Ismay. 108 years and they still won't leave him alone about boarding Collapsible C.

    As I have read it, there was room in the boat. It was about to be lowered. Other men had boarded boats on that side of the ship. He didn't push anyone aside to board it and he said he did not see any woman standing nearby. I found the last hard to believe, but when he found out that women had died, he broke down. He knew the "gentleman's code" and he blamed himself for not living up to it.

    Personally, I think Mr. Ismay was braver and more conscientious than most because he knew almost from the moment of collision that the ship was sinking. Captain Smith and Mr Andrews told him that. Yet he hounded people into the boats and he boarded nearly the last boat, not the first.

    Frances Wilson "How to survive the Titanic :[or] the sinking of J. Bruce Ismay." (c2011)

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    Yes, he was a coward and he was a broken man after the titanic sank.

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    Jesus.......... are people still going on about that ridiculous film?!

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