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Capynocytophaga question ?

So I’d a dog licks me and I don’t have a cut am I at risk for this infection even though it’s rare ? 

Does there have to be a cut for saliva to get into in order to become infected besides a bite .

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  • 1 month ago

    I have been licked & bit so many times & this didn't ever X my mind. Only one bite took me to see a Doctor but it was my fault it got infected. I did not take the time to clean it deep enough & next thing I knew, I had a red streak running up my arm.

    Don't be afraid of germs & such, if you got a good immune system, you don't get infections, unless you do nothing to clean it. Build a immune system by exposing yourself to the things that can cause infections. Like a snake charmer getting anti venom in small doses, to build an immunity to the venom.

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