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Will a yorkie smell?

I wanted to get a dog for a long time but my mom does not really like animals especially there smell. I will be getting a dog but am trying to find one that doesn’t shed to much and won’t smell. I have narrowed it down to a yorkie but my question is do they smell also what can I do to deal with the smell of there is one?

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    I haven't noticed any odor on my dog unless she's wet. You ca get a gentle shampoo and bath on a monthly bases or use a dry shampoo. Use essential oils in their coat. I put rose water on my dog and it lasts for days. Being sixteen she can smell a bit, even though she is bathed regularly because she can't clean herself anymore. Also, I like to keep her bed/blankets cleaned. I soaked over night in white vinegar, put on a wash cycle, then add some lavender water to the last rinse. Tumble dry or allow to air dry on the line. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes ... Dogs have absolutely GREAT smelling abilities ...far beyond humans .

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  • 1 month ago

    All animals smell to some degree. Yorkies typically do not have a noticeable odor if fed a quality diet, and kept healthy and prooerly groomed.

    A dog is a very invasive pet to bring into a household tho when you have a family member who doesnt like animals. Dogs are very needy, need walked out often, and require attention and training from ALL household members.

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