My coworker asked me out for drinks? ?

okay I’m a 20 year old f and I work in a bar part time and my co worker who is a 23 year old m and I slept together around a month ago. I found out that he actually had a gf and cheated on her but I also found out that he’s been unhappy with her since she cheated on him first (messy I know) after we slept together we fell asleep holding hands and before he left he kissed me and said he had a good time. After this there was nothing really of it, he was still with his gf even though he was clearly unhappy. We would stare at each other a lot at work and stuff. A month on, he just asked me to go out for drinks with him and I’ve found out that he and his gf broke up. How should I take this, I’m confused as to what his intentions are

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  • 1 month ago

    Ask him what his intent is...

    Have fun.

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  • 1 month ago


    You’re a sure thing and he’s bored/lonely/horny.

    You’re a rebound.

    You guys had fun and he’s curious to see if there’s more to it than one night.

    I do not recommend asking him. I do recommend deciding if you are into him, especially knowing he’s willing to cheat on someone rather than have a challenging conversation. This can simply be a sign of immaturity or something else. Observe and believe what he tells you. Pay attention to what he says about his ex...he might talk about you like that one day. Does he accept any responsibility for his role in the relationship and breakup?

    If you genuinely like him as a human, just meet him for drinks and focus on having a nice time and getting to know him.

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  • Eva
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    1 month ago

    A man that will cheat with you will cheat on you. Think about this.

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