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helppp pls. is my roommate into me? whats his deal?

 my roommate and I are both 20. He knows everything about me. He used to be REALLY hostile at my boyfriend. I blew him on our couch and that made him weirdly upset. Last year his roommates had loud sex all the time. He didn’t care. When I do, he teases me or gets annoyed.

One time I accidentally flashed my boob in his direction. He basically looked at it and smirked at me and didn’t say anything. I then yelled his name and said don’t come in but he didn’t hear that part and saw me completely naked. He teased me for that. He brings it up occasionally in like a weird complaint way but my friends said it seems like he actually enjoyed it bc they heard the conversation. But that’s just what they said.

Again he knows everything so he knows about my sex w my bf and I was like “I’m really not that freaky” and he said “I don’t think you know how freaky you are” in a weird voice. Once he said “I feel like your father” because he had to get something for me.

I told him he should get his haircut with my bf and he said “why? Do you want me to look like him?” He makes me tea when I’m sick and is overall just a good friend to me.


I put on an interesting coat and he like giggled, readjusted my collar that was really close to my neck, and took some pics of me on his camera. He makes jokes about how my bf hooks up with him and likes sex better with him than w me. Idk we make jokes about weird things. I had a bunch of condoms I wasn’t going to use so I gave him a few and was like here. He got rly offended and I’m not sure why. He goes on dating websites but puts in very little effort.  

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    It's just respecting each others needss and privacy in a shared space. he is not into you.

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    1 month ago

    I'm glad you're having fun and all but there are some psycho dudes out there who appear quite normal until you get this friendly with them. I'm not saying that he is one of them but just be careful.

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