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Peeling skin and open cuts on penis. Is this herpes?

I itch my penis a lot especially on the back of it a couple weeks ago I started noticing these burning red sores on it. They’re not warts or anything but it hurts when I touch them. I’ve never been tested for herpes or anything before but I also don’t wash my hands sometimes and itch myself down there when I’ve got grinding dust or metal shavings on my hands still probably. I also have a fleshlight I don’t really lubricate it well when I use it. My grandmother is nurse and looked at it and she said it’s probably not herpes it’s most likely an infection. I just wanted to get a second opinion if any of you other guys have experienced the same problem as me. I’ve been using cortisone and it seems to be helping it heal.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It does not sound like Herpes to me but I think it is a much worse condition

    called Penis Sactamonie Vitus caused by excessive masturbation.  It will

    cause your penis to develop large open sores and they will leave fluid on

    your clothes and forget sex, See a Doctor.

    • Herman
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      1 month agoReport

      My older brother had it and almost had to amputate his penis to stop it from spreading.

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  • 1 month ago

    infection.and please keep it clean.

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