In the near future I'll start writing a large book devoted to various mystical stories and ghosts in the United States ?

 that actually took place in 1800-2015,but due to the fact I need to collect a lot of material on this theme,I'd like to ask your advice on several topical issues:

1)which archive or library in America has the largest volume of old newspapers,magazines and eyewitness letters from which I could get information for my book?

2)how do I make my book popular and commercially successful?

  Thanks in advance!!!

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    1 month ago
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    You want the Library of Congress, where you cannot check out materials, and the libraries in the cities or communities where the events happened. Most old periodicals are on microfiche, and some libraries have ways you can print the pages of interest. Others do not. (Moral: fund the public library where you live.)

    Eyewitness letters will be difficult as they may not be archived in any public place. You may have to contact living relatives with requests to see personal papers. You can expect to be refused unless you have other successful books of a similar nature.

    It's way, way too early to worry about making your imaginary book popular and commercially successful. The cart goes behind the horse.

    Step one is to research and plan. You haven't even begun.

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    WRONG FORUM. Question reported for being miscategorized. 

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    1 month ago

    thanks for the idea. 

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