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Will vibrations for smartphone notifications hurt/damage our health when we are using the smartphone as it vibrates?

When our smartphone produces vibrations especially for notifications and we use/holding the smartphone using our hands at the same time, will the vibrations somehow hurt us or damage our health? Is it ok if the vibrations are less frequent (example:I do not socialise and receive less notifications) and only dangerous if the vibrations are more frequent? I set my phone to vibration mode at night so all notifications are indicated through vibrations, so is it ok to use my smartphone in vibration mode? I tried to find information regrading this topic through google but failed to find any direct answer, the information on google doesn't talk about notifications caused by vibrations but only about radiation.

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    They would have no effect whatsoever.

    Vibration injuries are caused by long term use of large vibratory power tools such as pneumatic drills for digging roads up!

    The vibration levels from such as a phone or normal DIY tools are trivial by comparison.

    If you take up running one of these as a profession, then you have cause to be concerned about vibration (and hearing loss etc).

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    No harm will occur.

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    I highly doubt that cell phone vibrations will have any effect on your health. Not exactly sure why you would think it would...

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