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!!!Please help I need advice with friendships!!!?

there is this "friend" I have let's call them Sam and they are really negative. They make me feel dumb and like I need to try harder. they also get mad at me easily. they're quite intimidating and I let them boss me around. and I can't work up the courage to say no to them. I'm trying to more now buts hard cause i feel like a bad person. We use to have a mutual friendship but not anymore. Now they just boss me around and they're trying to break up my friendship with a really good friend of mine. What should I do?

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    If you cannot face up to them and their bullying then you will have to just avoid them as much as possible. When they want to meet up, you are doing something at home. When they want to meet up again, you are going out with someone else. So sorry but I'm washing my hair that night. So sorry, my mother wants me to paint the dining room. They will get huffy and hopefully dump you which will save you the job. DON'T break up with that good friend of yours. Perhaps you could be meeting up with that friend when Sam the Bully wants to meet you for a coffee. You don't have to say where you will be with the good friend. THAT should do the trick. It's hard to face up to someone who is intimidating but when you do, the bully usually deflates. They are bullies because they are basically insecure. You are insecure and give in. Sam's insecure and bullies.

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  • Alan H
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    You choose to be bossed about.

    It is not compulsory; you are not a puppet.

    If you cannot change the situation, change your friends.

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  • 1 month ago

    So they're not a friend. Stop interacting with them.

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