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Implanon and missed period? ?

Hiya. I use the birth control implanon since March 2018. From June 2019, 

I started getting regular periods for the first time in a year .28-35 days between periods each month. The periods can be 5-7 days long. I had a period in June,July, august,September (dark spotting) November,December and jan. I had no period in October. My period in Dec and jan it was only 2 weeks apart. 

I had unprotected sex on the 13th Feb and so far no period this month. I have been travelling a lot past month so I’m not sure has that done something to my cycle. I know it’s probably too early to take a pregnancy test? 

Should I worried or is it just the implanon? 

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    I would still get one just to be safe but all different forms of contraception can cause irregular periods. The pill I take is meant to stop mine. (Never had sex, i take the pill so i wont bleed to death!) but when I was on Deppo , i bled through it. So it could just be the contraceptive you are using,

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