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why was David Irving put in prison for questioning/denying the Holocaust?

was he actually put in prison? when, where and for how many years?

what did he specifically write? and why that was illegal? in the UK?


does he still write books and sell them? amazon sells them?

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    It's illegal in several European countries to deny the Holocaust.  Irving had originally been a mainstream historian who specialized in the military history of Germany in the WWII era.  But in the 1970s he published a book called "Hitler's War" which took a much more sympathetic view towards Hitler than people usually do.  Irving began arguing that the Holocaust was carried out by underlings without Hitler's knowledge or approval (this is mangled version of a legitimate scholarly position called functionalism which does not dismiss Hitler's knowledge or culpability but argues that, to varying degrees, impetus for the Holocaust emerged from the Nazi bureaucracy, rather than being a master plan on the part of Hitler).  Irving then moved into more out and out holocaust denial, at times blaming the Holocaust on other groups than the Nazis (including the Allies).  In the late 1980s, Irving latched on to a report written by Fred Leuchter, an American execution technician, which used pseudoscience to argue that the Holocaust never happened at all.  He began claiming that the whole thing was a hoax. 

    Irving's most celebrated trial was a defamation trial.  He had sued historian Deborah Lipstadt and her publisher over things she had said about him in a book about Holocaust denial.  Irving lost the suit.  But he was imprisoned in 2005 in Austria for Holocaust denial.  As the birthplace of Hitler, and a hotbed of Nazism in WWII, Austria bans the denial of the Holocaust.  Irving ended up serving about a year in prison. 

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    He was imprisoned in Austria in 2006 for Holocaust denialism, which is a crime in that country:

    And he also lost a libel suit he brought against an American academic who had claimed he'd distorted and misrepresented evidence about the Holocaust:

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      can you still buy his books on Amazon? or when, why that went out?

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    Because when you break the law in Austria that's what happens. He was sentenced to three years for "trivialising the Holocaust", reduced to 13 months and imprisoned in Vienna. He had also entered the country illegally having been banned after a court case in Germany where he was fined for denying the existence of Auschwitz gas chambers. In the UK he lost a libel action against Penguin Books for a book calling him a Holocaust Denier and bankrupted when he was force to pay the £2m trial costs.

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