I want to get my Facebook account locked /verified / marked as hacked, in order to simulate a temporarily message.?

As title states above, how can I get my account being flagged by Facebook and be seen as a possibly hacked account etc. Just for the account to be blocked in order to

simulate the following message in messenger conversations:

"This message has been temporarily removed until we can verify the sender's account."

Here is an explanation from a Quora member:

''If the person's account is locked in facebook, then it shows these kind of messages.Usually, person's account get locked when he tried to report to facebook that his account is 'hacked' and deactivates his facebook.So, the previous messages sent to you by that person will be shown as 'This message has been temporarily removed util we verify the sender's account'.Once, the person activates his account, the messages will be automatically shown.To Prove My point. I had to attach this pic.I had an account in fb named "Vamsi ThePhoenixx" created in my teenage days.I forgot my password and kept as "hacked" for fun at that time. The messages i sent to my friends through that account appeared as shown in the pic. If I activates that account, then only, others can see the messages which we sent to them. Or else right of now, they cant see those messages. ''

This seems to be the only way in order to ''remove'' messages from both sides of the conversation. And I would not like to maintain the current account.

Help is very appreciated!

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  • Daniel
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    The only thing you can do is Report the Account as being Hacked and see what Facebook does

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