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Open cuts on the back shaft of my penis and red sores on both sides of ring below the head. Is this herpes?

I itch the back of my penis a lot and I use a sex toy that I haven’t cleaned out in about a month. I recently slept with a girl but she told me she was tested after she broke up with her ex. I don’t know if it’s just poor timing and I’ve got an infection from scratching it or not cleaning it and using toys that haven’t been cleaned or if she gave me something and lied to me about it. This is the first time this has been this bad but then again this also the longest I’ve went without cleaning out toys or take showers often since I work at a factory with grinding dust and stuff. I couldn’t find any pics on the internet matching what I had in terms of Herpes so I really don’t know what it could be.

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  • Std tests don't always include a test for herpes, if there's no signs or symptoms of a break out usually doctors don't test for herpes. She could have had it and not known it, if that's the case then she couldn't lie about having herpes if she didn't know about it. If it's herpes you most likely got it from her, herpes isn't likely to be passed through using objects like sex toys.  

    Herpes causes more then just itching, it also causes burning and or tingling symptoms. If you suspect it could be herpes then you should see a doctor and get this checked out. They can test the cuts for herpes. 

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    You could have a bacterial infection, or herpes or something else. I have no idea. See a doctor. And perhaps consider a more hygienic lifestyle with those sex toys.

    Just because someone claims they were tested for STDs, it doesn't mean it's true by the way

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