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How to get rid of flabby arms? I exercise with two 4lb. weights, but my arms seem to get flabbier. What should I do? Please HELP!!!!!!!?

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    Is the flab fat? If so, you need to adjust your diet (eating) to lose the fat, along with exercise to firm the muscles. If the flab is loose skin because you've already lost the fat, using weights to build some muscle in those areas might help a little, but depending on how much weight you lost, how fast, and your age, it may be that the only way to remove the flab is surgery. 

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    That has to do with body fat and diet. Diet is the main thing that's gonna determine how you look. You can workout everyday but if you overeat or eat sugary/unhealthy foods all the time you won't see your results.

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    There are a few issues here to consider:

    1.  If you have extra body fat, working out isn't going to make much of a dent in the problem.  Fat loss is 80% diet.  If you have extra fat on your arms, consider dieting or adopting lifestyle changes the will enable you to decrease your body fat.

    2.  If you were ever significantly overweight, you will probably always have extra skin. The upper arm is an area where we can store a lot of fat and the skin expands to accommodate it. Unfortunately, that skin doesn't always disappear again.

    3.  You may not be doing the right exercises, using the right form, doing enough repetitions, etc.  For example, to build muscle at the back of your upper arm, you need to do dips or kickbacks. To build your biceps, your curls need to be done with your elbows forward of your hip bones -- otherwise your working your shoulders.

    4. Whether you use weights to not, you should do an exercise with proper form and to muscle failure. That means that you literally can't do another rep with good form.  The muscles you work should be a little sore the next day. If they aren't you need to adjust your technique and increase either your reps, sets, or weight -- or all these things.

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