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Do men wear leotards with tights over them?


If they don't wear leotards what do they wear as tops?

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    Yes, in ballet for men the tights go over the leotards and under it all is a dancebelt. Men’s tights are not sheer as others have implied. Women's ballet tights also are not as sheer as street tights but are more sheer than men’s ballet tights. In class most men wear a white tee shirt and black tights or ballet  shorts. Some do where men’s leotards but it depends on the school. 

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    Not all the time curtain studios maybe my studio has the males wear their belts spandex shorts and a white T-Shirt with black ballet slippers. It all depends on the studio 

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    Subliminally only. 

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    The terms are used interchangeably, but by definition "tights" are sheer and can often be seen through, whereas leotards are heavier/thicker.  If you wear leotards, you don't need anything below or above them.

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    Some person somewhere I bet does. Not for the most part. I mean there may be a few though.

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