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Multiple ejaculatory I the only one?

I have seen articles and Reddit posts about all of these crazy techniques for achieving multiple orgasms as a man and they almost always involve extensive practice. I have been doing nofap for some time for the purpose of increasing the my energy and drive to accomplish my goals and I had no masturbated for some time...but I found myself sexting and exchanging messages with an attractive woman just a few minutes ago and it ultimately, and inevitably, lead to my failure at avoiding orgasm (I haven't slept in several days as I have severe insomnia and on days when I feel bad I always resort to sexting online with random women)

Anyways, after I orgasmed the first time and became overcome with shame I decided I might try to atleast make the most of my relapse. I continued stroking vigorously my very sensitive, post-orgasm member and sure enough I felt the same sensation building up within my prostate...only this time the sensation was much more powerful and pleasurable. Sure enough, I came once again...I can't describe how good the second orgasm felt. I would pay to see my o-face while I was experiencing that. 

Anyways...I have no practice and feel that this is likely something any man can experience...he simply has to keep at it after his first orgasm and allow that sensation to build within him until he orgasms again. Focusing on the sensation and chasing after it seems to cause a sort of snowball effect which inevitably ends in a second. Am I the only one who can do this?

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    it s a rare thing dude, have care of it

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  • 1 month ago

    However, the time it takes to be ready for erection and ejaculation again is ... You may also be able to have more than one consecutive orgasm, with or ... You can overcome several times, but keep in mind that the delay

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