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How much of a lure can end a relationship? Even if you’re inlove ?

My gf and I been together for a year and have a baby, she three months. 

We love each other, well I love her really and this is my first ever relationship and would want it to be last. 

Thing is she lies, little lies and I despise it and in-fact it can kill my emotions for her because that’s how much I hate dishonest people. 

It’s about her guy friend that calls Her. The guy friend has a family, wife and two kids. 

I went out shopping yesterday, I called her wanted to ask wat she needed form the shop. She didn’t pick I texted her and she replied within some minutes. I knew she was on the phone ( probably to that guy) 

I got home and she asked if I can drop her off at the guys place and that the wife needs help with council stuff. I said no I can’t because I didn’t buy the whole story she told me. We had an argument and sorted it out straight away yesterday. 

This morning her phone rang and the guy was calling her on video calls, twice! I clicked on it and it went on WhatsApp and I saw that my gf had changed her guy friend’s name to his wife’s name In order to deceive me into thinking she’s speaking to the woman. Same number called when we were arguing yesterday, she picked up and said “**mentioned the guys’s wife name** I will call you back”

 I got up I told her she got a call and I threw her the phone. She then said to me it was the guys woman not knowing that I already seen that name swap she did. 

I’m confused, why will she do this? Why she changing names and lying? 

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    She's immature and childish, also self-seeking, is why. She's young. She needs time to mature. Good luck with all that because you're going to need it.

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  • kristy
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    1 month ago

    She’s screwing the guy behind his wife and your back. Dump her

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