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How to move to another country?

SO i currently live in the US, in la. I want to move to Australia to be with my long distance boyfriend. Ive looked and i can get a visa which will allow me to stay there for up to 12 months and that is what i want to do. I don't like my life here in LA and would love to be with him everyday again. Only problem is we both are not financially well, neither of us have a job at the moment.... My family helps me here financially, I have no idea how things would work out if financial if I were to move over there. But I suppose I could find a job, which i would love to do. It's just hard here in LA because many jobs nearby want employees who can speak spanish which i don't.

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    Why does every sentence have to start with so all of a sudden?

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    I can help you out if you ain't see help 

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    Do you qualify for a work and Holiday visa subclass 462 which will enable you to stay for 12 months?

    If not, start re-thinking things.

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    Try applying to the show 90 Day Fiancee: Before the 90 Days. They pay people to appear on a show where they go and meet their long distances loves.  

    I don't know what kind of visa that is- a tourist visa does not allow you to work while there. There's a work visa for students currently enrolled in college. Australia has very strict requirements for work visas- there's a web page that details what you have to do. 

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    There are no boyfriend/girlfriend visas for Australia.  To get a job in Australia you need an employer who can + will sponsor you for a work visa.  The only exception is a working holiday visa, but you have to be under the age of 31 and enrolled in college or have a college degree.


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    You desire to move in to Australia. Australia decides if you can move in and stay.

    YOU ASK permission (A Visa) it is not hard to get but is not guaranteed just by asking for one.

    Suggest you look into some health insurance.Crap happens and can get expensive.


    neither of us have a job at the moment So you expect (?????) to pay for your fun?

    You have no claim to what the Australian government has for its Citizens needing assistance.

    Can you find a job?  MAYBE depends on your skills. NO GUARANTEE on the number of hours you get each week. Many like you work more than one SEASONAL job and save up to explore a bit when out of work.

    Parents could add money to your bank account to assist. Can you GUARANTEE they will?

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    How are you going to get a visa that allows you to stay in Australia for 12 months?

    Americans qualify for a tourist visa 462 which allows 90 days in Australia

    or work/holiday visa which can provide up to 12 months.

    However, YOU don't qualify for the work/holiday visa.  To be eligible for the work/holiday visa you have to prove that you can afford the trip.  Since you aren't "financially well" you aren't going to qualify. 

  • John
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    8 months ago

    How can you fly halfway across the world without any money? You can't. Adults already know this thing. Sorry, just the truth.

  • Anonymous
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    Australia and the USA have reciprocal relationship. Americans have easier time immigrating to Australia, in my opinion. I am a traveler myself and I know for a fact that most countries allow Americans to stay 1 month, visa free.

    I would use that time to see what’s up. Personally, I would not change countries until I get more of a commitment. I find Australia a little expensive in urban areas. Before your month is up, you can apply for work permit and extension of visa. This is also true for other countries.

  • Bill
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    8 months ago

    It sounds like you can’t afford to get there, much less stay for any length of time. Forget it until your boyfriend and you have some money. 

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