Anthropology question for technology in homo spaians?

Describe several of the technological advances seen in anatomically modern H. sapiens culture. (multiple answers)

.mud baked into hut walls

.more elaborate burials (than Neandertals)

.use of a spear thrower

.barbed harpoon used for fishing

.iron ore invented


.traps and snares for hunting

.cave art and clay figurines

.burials are more common (than Neandertal burials)

.bead making

.adhesives for spear heads and stone tool handles

.tools made with punch blade technique

.bone and ivory engravings

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Homo-Erectus had art, tools, clothing, burials, musical instruments and mud huts long before Homo-Sapians existed. Same with Neanderthals. 

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