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How can I naturally improve my eyesight?

I'm a 23 years old man and I use my phone a lot in the dark. So I feel like my eyes have been slightly irritated over the years and now I believe I need to do something about it or else it may become worse over time. What are ways to improve my sight? or can a doctor do anything?

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    if you have a refractive error blurry visiion then you need to see a eye specialist optometrist ophthalmologist make sure your eyes are healthy then see if you have a refractive error aka vision problem like near sighted or far sighted or astigmatism  because if you do it wont matter about tv YOU will have to wear glasses to see clearly unfortunately  thats the way it goes 

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    Get regular eye exams.  Wear quality sunglasses outside and a hat.  There are no foods, vitamins, or special methods to avoid glasses.

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    Do not watch color TV, color screen (includes screen of smartphone, computer, laptop, ipad, tablet,etc)for long time.

    Keep a proper distance between the screen and the eye.

    Do not look directly at sun or welding flames or sparks.

    Do not read very small size font too much-zoom it and read.

    Do not stare obliquely at an object.

    Eat fish and eggs, vitamin A tablets, eat fresh carrots.

    Wash and clean your eyes daily using eye shaped cup. Blink your eyes.

    If eyes have a blood clot formation then use eyedrop.

    Wear safety glasses when working in dusty or lab conditions.

    Get your eyesight checked from the doctor periodically-computerized testing, colour test, eye pressure, retina, pupil dilation, optic nerve check, eye spots,

    If you need to wear glasses then dont feel shy to wear them.

    Check your blood sugar once in 5 years as eyesight of diabetics starts to weaken.

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    Eat lots of carrots.

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    Don't let sand and grit find their way into your eyes.

    My eye doctor told be about five years ago that I had  very fast growing Cataracts, it would need to be removed the next year. I prayed to God for help here, to stop this.  I have Not had that operation!   My doctor was in shock!  Still is! 

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    use lubricating eye drops.

    blue light filters or gunnar glasses if you're really paranoid.

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