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What should I do for my baby shower during this outbreak?

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and was planing to have a baby shower sometime at the end of April or beginning May. I am due at the end of May and I wanted to be prepared with as much baby stuff as I could get at least a month before the baby is born. I do have 2 other children but my last one was a boy so we don't have ANYTHING for this baby. Worst case scenario we will have to buy everything ourselves which is will not be that bad if we only stick to essentials. My husband suggested that if this outbreak doesn't get better by the time baby is born I should post my registry on social media for my family and friends and see what we can get, then buy what we didn't get. But I am a little embarrassed of doing that. 

Any other mommas out there dealing with this situation?

Are there other ways you can host a baby shower that won't involve people over?

We are currently under shelter at home order in California and don't know how long it will last. 

Like I said if I can't have a baby shower and have to buy everything on our own that's Ok, just wondering.

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  • Edna
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    1 week ago

    You've already got 2 children, and I'm pretty sure you didn't throw ALL their baby stuff away. There's absolutely no reason why your new baby (even if it's a girl) can't use the same equipment and wear the same baby clothes as your 2 boys did when they were babies. 

    "Shelter-in-place" order or not; you're making this into a bigger problem than it has to be. You're not likely to contract coronavirus during a 2-1/2 hour baby shower, and I'm sure no authorities are going to come to your house and count how many people are attending.

    BTW:  YOU don't host or throw a baby shower for yourself. A baby shower is hosted and arranged for you by your friends. If your friends don't give you a baby shower, then you don't get one.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    All you REALLY need are diapers, diaper rash lotion, baby wipes, baby shampoo and small blankets and formula if you are not nursing and a few outfits. All the other stuff are WANTS, not needs. 

    Forget about planning a baby shower. WHEN this pandemic is over, you can have someone throw you a shower at that time.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Have a virtual shower. Ask people to have anything shipped to you. Open it while you're on Facebook Live so people can see. They can drink where they are and you can have lemonade.

  • GB
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    2 weeks ago

    The money you will save by not having to buy food for the baby shower can be spent on the baby.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    Two issues here.

    1.  A baby shower is thrown by someone else.  You never have one for yourself.  A friend or relative throws a baby shower FOR YOU.  Having a baby shower for yourself is tacky.

    2.  A baby shower is typically only thrown for the FIRST baby someone has.  It is not common to continue having baby showers for every baby afterwards.  That is also tacky.

    Make a posting on whatever social media platforms you use.  It can say something like "dear family and friends - we will be welcoming our new baby into our home sometime in the month of May.  Due to the current health issues and shelter in place warnings, we are not planning any social gatherings before or immediately after the birth of our child.  For anyone who would like to send their well wishes to us or send any items to help with the baby, we thank you for the consideration.  We have registered with ....(insert name of store) indicate the items that we still need for the new addition to our family.  Everyone stay safe and stay well.   We will continue to update on social media and share photos when our baby is born."

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  • Lisa A
    Lv 7
    2 weeks ago

    Considering that half of the population is out of work, an event asking for gifts is not appropriate.

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