I'm homeless during epidemic, what should I do? ?

This is really embarrassing, and thankfully I'm doing this online otherwise I wouldn't have the courage to ask. With that being said, I live in VA and I'm in my early 20s.

All shelters all full with a waiting list, I'm having to hide in stairwells of apartment complexes and steal food during the day from grocery stores. Naturally I leave my sleeping areas at daybreak lest maintenance finds me and gets me for trespassing. 

Unfortunately, in my area it's supposed to rain all week according to the forecast. So I have nowhere to hide during the day and the elements are not kind right now. 

Normally in my situation, I can manage just find and you would never even know I'm homeless by looking at me. But in my current state, I don't know what I'm going to do with everywhere/everything closing down. Even park bathrooms that I may have gone to for warmth. 

Luckily a friend of mine put their password for XFINITY on my phone, so I don't have to worry about communication. But that's where my luck ends and I have nothing else going for me in my favor. No family and whatnot (at least none that are willing to help). 

I'm currently healthy and unaffected by this virus, but in my situation I'm not sure how long that will last and have no clue what to do and I'm scared. 

Does anyone have some suggestions? Any brainstorming would be much appreciated. Thank you so much

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  • 2 months ago

    I'm sorry that you're having such a difficult time.  Please try not to feel embarrassed.  Everyone has their own challenges.  With regard to food, there may be a local food bank, food pantry, or soup kitchen.  

    This website may have a local homeless shelter and/or resources for possibly a local food bank or soup kitchen:


    Edit:  You'd mentioned having a friend, and I wasn't sure if you were able to stay with him or her for a little while at least contributing to the household in some way.  If you don't currently have a job, perhaps you can offer to clean his or her house, including doing the vacuuming and washing the dishes, and/or food shopping and/or running errands.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Is there an abandoned subway tunnel you can go in to get out of the rain and cold weather?  You SHOULD NOT be in a rural area.  Survival is much more difficult out there.  Go to a bigger city like Boston, NYC, Philly, Baltimore or DC.  There are plenty of hiding places you can go to stay out of the cold and rain.  The city is your playground and there's always some tourist who will give you money.  Avoid the locals as they're not too fond of the homeless.

    "Normally in my situation, I can manage just fine and you would never even know I'm homeless by looking at me."

    That's actually a great advantage for you!  You should do what you can to get a job as quickly as possible.  Get back on your feet before you're too far gone and it's too late.  A lot of homeless get stuck in a cycle that they can't get out of.

    Are you single?  That makes life much more difficult since you don't have a dual income to fall back on and you're only one job loss away from homelessness.

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  • 2 months ago

    You can buy a tent for about $100, if you have that much cash. I've lived in tents. Not terribly comfortable, but at least you can get out of the weather. Have you sought help from any of the churches in your area?

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  • 2 months ago

    Be self sufficient. There is no way you can get a job right now. If you have friends or connections, use them, stronger together remember. Also, farm your own food in a rural area, in there, there is less population and stuff like that.

    Given your good grammar, you are educated so there will always be hope

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