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Could this be why she’s not gaining weight?

My mom makes my daughter’s bottles. She uses a bottle to measure out 6oz of water then pours it in a blender. She then does 4 scoops of powder for every 6oz of water (doctors order) and fills another bottle with 6oz of water and 4 scoops of powder and pours both of them in the blender. She then does those things until the blender is full, then she blends it altogether and pours the formula into different bottles until each of them is filled up to 6oz each. 

My daughter has been having trouble gaining weight. She’s 17lbs At 1 years old. My moms been doing this for a loooooong time. Is this why she’s having trouble gaining weight?

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  • 1 week ago

    As long as the mix is correct, and it is according to what you've written, it's not the reason.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    What does your daughter's doctor say about her weight?

    Perhaps your mom is miss measuring, as she is doing a lot of individual serving measuring,  rather than doing the math for whole batch measurements. If I was concerned about my child being under 20 lbs at one year old , I would prep my own child''s formula  and leave that job to no one! Also, your child should be eating solid food by now.

    You say that your mom has been prepping your daughter's food for a long time. Hasn't your daughter had a regular doctor visit, and haven't you discussed introducing your daughter to solid foods with her pediatrician???

    When you have a serious question about your daughter's weight, health and well-being, going on an internet forum it's not going to get you the correct answers you need for your child. A smart parent would ask a doctor this question and a smart parent would prepare their own child's formula. Those are the responsibilities of a parent.

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  • 2 weeks ago

    If that's what the doctor orders, then it has nothing to do with why she isn't gaining weight. This is where you go back to the doctor and say that it isn't working.

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  • GB
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    2 weeks ago

    Start by reading the instructions on the formula tin. It will tell you the correct proportion of LEVEL  scoops of  powder per  ounce of water.  Then  ask your doctor's opinion on your daughter's weight.

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