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Why doesn't genealogy acknowledge that Thai people in infact are remnants of a Indo-Aryan race that had migrated to the Thailand.?

I have found out the Thai language scripture has similar format to that of the Brahmic script of Indo Arya what is now India and parts of Iran.

Indeed the Brahmic script is contains symbology that is printed in similar style later on in the future by Thai people . 

Thai people also share similar traditional society norms that ate cultural close to those whom are from India. 

Why have their always been a kinship connection between Thailand and Iran tracing back to the 17th century mid 1600's.

Thus with more Iranian migration you will see an evolving Indo-Aryan Gene that has uniqueness to it's host population.

A new Aryan race will be evolved through the Thai people !.

This is important information , it will bring nation's together.

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    2 months ago

    Scientists rely on data. The data suggests that much of SE Asia is inhabited by descendants of the early migrants from Africa, who arrived in the area about 60,000 years ago. Some even made it all the way to Australia.

    Since then, however, other later migrants have also gone into the area. These include the Chinese, after the invention of agriculture. Relying solely on linguistics to ascertain ancestry is not a good idea because languages can be copied. For example, African Americans speak English, but it would be ridiculous to suggest that their ancestors came from England.

    Most of the original migrants have admixed with later ones. Some have not. Therefore the original, dark-skinned and curly haired occupants of SE Asia are now minorities in many countries. They are known as the Negritoes, and they are minorities in Thailand, Malaysia, India and the Philippines. Were there Indo-Europeans and Central Asians who migrated to SE Asia. Certainly, but they are only a small part of the populations.

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  • Zirp
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    2 months ago

    Because genealogy is about written records of who was ancestor of whom.

    For most people in history, there never were such records

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