Should I pair my GTX 1060 with a FX 8320 or i5 4440?

I have 2 systems and a GTX 1060 3 GB, and I was wondering what system would be best paired for gaming performance. I have an i5 4440 and an FX 8320. Both systems have a 120gb ssd and 1 TB hard drive and 8gb RAM. What would the best suit my GPU?

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  • 2 months ago

    I think you should test it in both systems..... I would.

    The Core i5 is going to win when it comes to programs that use a limited number of threads. However the FX-8320 is going to win if you're running a program that uses all 8 threads that the FX-8320 has at it's disposal. So it's going to depend on what game you're running.

    I know that most of the games that were made from 2015 and before don't use a lot of threads, so the Core i5-4440 is going to win in those older games.

    When I say win, that means you'll get the best results with that given processor. However the losing CPU is not going to give you bad results. Both of these processors aren't particularly good with mitigating .1% and 1% lows (aka, framerate drops). You would need to step up to a 4th Gen i7 (Core i7-4770, 4771, 4790, 4770k, and 4790K) if framerate drops becomes an issue.

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  • 2 months ago

    search internet for a site that calculates bottleneck. try both of your possible cpus. note which one has less bottleneck ... that's the one you want to use

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