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What type of worm is this?

I have a Salt water tank and I notice small white worms on my life rock. Not sure why kind of worm it is

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  • Bort
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    2 months ago

    Live or Life Rock is harvested from our ocean's reefs. It can be almost anything. Even possibly a new species (rare but not impossible). If you know where your rock came from investigate what it might be but it's most likely salt or lime deposits. I don't see worms I see specs that could be just that; salt or lime deposits. 

    Or they could be baby snails. 

    When live rock is harvested they just yank it out of the ocean, bag it up, and sell it. They don't do anything else to attempt killing anything that might be living in it. They don't take the risk in destroying the rock other than chopping it in to bits to get it off the reef. Some of the life that uses live rock as a nest are so microscopic it cannot be seen with the naked eye until it grows. 


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    You have fish in there so as long as the fish are doing well leave it be but do do as much research as you need to do to figure out exactly what it is incase it's some form of algae or something that can negatively effect the water conditions and life in the tank. 

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