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Question about Big Brother US?

Specifically refering to "Is BB 21 and Survivor Island of The Idols" share many similarities to eachother? both had controversy issues that were addressed, nicole anthony was bullied was da under dog but didnt make it to the final 2 , karishma was bullied n was a under dog n didnt make it to final 3. both were females w insecuritoes. Cristie from BB 21 was loud n wanted to do control da game her own way, same w/ Noura. The african americans didnt make ot to finals in both shows. The masculine white guy people shouldve tooken out wins the game. Jackson Michies wins BB 21.....Tommy wins Survivor Island of da Idols. Players are sent somewhere. BB 21 camp comeback and survicor to Rob n Sandras island. I could come up w othwr similarities to but thats just the jist of it. maybe u disagree and say its two differents and thats true but to me it happened the same year this year and i just hope BB 22 and Survivor 2019 is different.

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