Emerald asked in PetsFish · 2 months ago

Axolotl swimming to top of tank? ?

my axolotl just swims to the top of the tank a lot. its not as if hes floating? he just does it? he wanders around on the bottom too and he only stuck to the bottom until about last week. i feed him bloodworms (defrosted. the store told me it was ok) and he isnt stressed and the water is completely fine and the tank is a good size. is he just doing this for fun? ive had him almost a month now and everybody at the store said that he had a bit of an attitude. 

he doesnt do this during the day, only at night time when its feeding time, but even after ive fed him he still does it? is he ok or is this a normal thing? (please be nice in comments :| )


oh also. he has a filter and we change the water a little bit weekly like it says to do online :)

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