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Ferret Owners: see description ?

Ok, so I have a question about ramp covers/ and shelf covers. I hear from a lot of people that using fleece covers are great for changing out with other ones to keep ferret smell at bay (as best as you can lol). Now don’t get me wrong, I myself enjoy their musk but  sadly a key family member of mine doesn’t and they have a “super-nose”. Would changing the covers/hammock every day help with this, or is that too much (Apart from cleaning up their designated poo areas)? And aside the aspen wood littler, would the soft cotton litter also be good at odor absorbing their pee and poo if cleaned daily?

        But Back to the first question though, Would semi-thick cotton fabric liners also be better than The usual fleece-made liners (studies show fleece harbors more smell than cotton material; so does anyone have any material that works best for them)? I usually read about owners changing them every few days or so instead, as their oils on the fabric build up causing a cycle of stronger ferret musk than if one didn’t change out the hammocks/liners in a timely period (like Three or four weeks).

      Also I should add that this is with just one ferret in mind, along with using a pet-safe enzyme-cleaner daily to wipe down the cage bars (mainly around the food and poo corners lol). And I hear mixing vinegar and water helps if you let it dry on the material to break up the musk smell. I’m trying to tweak my method a bit so I can hopefully adopt one again while making Mom happy. Thanks!!

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    I've had ferrets for over TWENTY FOUR YEARS and have NEVER put ramp covers on my cage ramps. They're completely unnecessary.

    I find it REALLY strange that you would wash ramp covers EVERY DAY but not wash the bedding for THREE TO FOUR WEEKS? Are you KIDDING me? Bedding needs to be switched out and washed WEEKLY.

    Ferrets are also MISERABLE living solo. So do NOT get one if that's all your parents can afford or will agree to.

    Buy the book Ferrets for Dummies and read it cover to cover before considering ferrets.

    What do you mean by "adopt again"? Did you have one before but your parents got rid of it because you weren't caring for it properly?

    Source(s): Ferret owner for over 24 years. Served on the board of a shelter for several years. Website and Youtube page featured in Ferrets Magazine twice. Have one of the oldest ferret pages on Youtube and run a popular ferret Facebook group.
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