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Why is it that some people allow their pets on the couch and beds, while don’t? Which kind of pet owner are you and why? ?

Just curious......

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    I let the dogs I watch go wherever they want unless the owner specifically requests they be crated at night or that they don't want the dog on my furniture. I do this because I like to hang out with dogs on the couch. Its also their favorite spot. The couch is right in front of a big window so the dogs will sit on the back of the couch and look out. I also don't mind when dogs sleep next to me at night. Well, most of them. Some dogs are bed hogs or try to sleep on top of me and that's one reason people don't let dogs sleep next to them. Its not worth missing sleep/getting poor sleep so your dog can sleep with you. 

    Another reason people don't do this because dogs can be messy. My fix to this is couch with a slip cover. My couch has been covered in drool, dirt, pee and even poo a couple times but I just wash the slip cover and my couch is good as new. As for my bed, I just wash my sheets/blankets as needed. I have a couple spare sets of sheets/blankets so if they get dirty I can wash them right away. I also have a waterproof cover on my mattress just in case.  

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  • patty
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    2 months ago

    my dog could go any where she wanted. theres a new breed of people who think they should be in a crate

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