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Is freedom in chaos?

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    Freedom is always more chaotic than totalitarianism.  That doesn't make it any less valuable though.  Chaos is the natural order of things.  Closed systems tend towards entropy.

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    But the love and the pleasure need order to have freedom in life . Although we fight with pleasure, there are others movements in life ...

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    freedom is accepting that you yourself are responsible for it.

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    A chaotic system is one that develops with especial sensitivity to initial conditions.  Freedom has nothing particular to do with chaotic systems, per se.  Rather, freedom is the ability to make choice in some domain.  Whether in a reasonably stable or predictable process, or in a chaotic system with initial values not well described, or in a seemingly-random sitiuation (e.g., Markov chains, coin flipping, etc.), freedom is agency.  If one's level of information is sufficiently low, one may experience existential angst per uncertainty of cause-and-effect; thus, a value of science as control of or dominion over earthly processes. If one's information is sufficiently complete, a seemingly random event such as a coin flip is calculable; likewise, a supposedly random number generation based on atmospheric perturbations, is not random at the level of atmospheric perturbation, but is practically so at the level of the user.


    "Flow:  The Psychology of Optimal Experience;"

    "The Path of the Higher Self."

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    No. Freedom is in choice.

    If by asking whether freedom is in chaos, you mean to ask whether or not one can, in a situation where anarchy and lawlessness prevail, get away with commiting acts that would be unacceptable in situations where law and order prevail. The answer is yes. However, this isn't freedom. One is just as free in one situation as in the other because one may do as one wishes in either situation. The consequences may differ from situation to situation, but the freedom to choose is the same.

  • Chaos is fundamental reality. 

    Existence is where chaos in its freedom meets truth. Truth is just the logic of free actions: that actions have consequences. 

    Being is an action. To be is to act. That action may change and so too the being. The nature of reality is an action. It acts upon everything. All actions have consequences. 

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    Everything's in chaos. The fragility of our established way of life is being exposed and the resulting loss of freedom is the result.

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    yes, too strict routines are boring.

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