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New Washing Machine - old hose, water coming out?

So we've bought a new washing machine as the spin on our old washing machine went.

We're unable to get the hose out of the main water supply, to replace it with the new hose

As we're unable to take the old hose out we fitted it in the new washing machine. However when switching on the cold water supply the water comes out of the hose. We've tighten the house enough so I don't know where the problem lies? 

There's a picture of the new washing machine hose socket if it helps? 

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    It sounds like the rubber washer at that end of the hose is missing.  Maybe it's stuck to the old machine, or fell out when you disconnected it.  You can get a new one at a hardware store, or remove one from the new hose that you weren't able to use.Of course, the best solution is to work on getting the old hose off. Just use a bigger set of pliers (pump pliers)

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    • STEVEN F
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      Lee: Your comment claims MY answer worked. Why did you give this best answer when it was WRONG by your own statement?

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  • 2 months ago

    If you can't remove the old hose, you need a plumber.

    Actually, WD-40 and a pair of Vice Grips should work.

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