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Plastics and construction ?

We see the children's play houses made from plastic molds I'm guessing and kayaks made from plastic molds. 

Why cant we build large structures from this?

Couldnt we use recycled plastic? 

I've seen 3d printers printed simple ice cream cone looking houses. 

Why cant we make normal walls and roof or even a 40ft shipping container from plastic? 

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    It’s all about costs . Still cheaper to use the materials used now 

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    4 months ago

    Three big failings of plastic are degradation in UV light, thermal expansion and the fact it is derived from oil makes it inherently flammable. You can expensively try and overcome these shortfalls but it is rarely worth it.  GRP was the wonder material of the 70s. I know an Adam house where they replaced the fancy stuccowork with glass reinforced plastic - on a hot day you can literally hear it moving.

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    Those items don't survive outside anywhere near long enough.

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    4 months ago

    Ah someone has down homes with 3d printing in i believe central america. It not all abt cost. Think durability and insulation factors. Also plastics give off 1 hell of static charge. Not good thing with high winds. Also adaptability. Try doing home repairs? Another is if there was a fire plastics are very toxic when burned and they melt at lower temp causing more issues.

    And shipping containers they would not last 1 use. Those things get banged around and sometimes the load weight. Plastics will not hold up. Also again with the static charges. Not good things at all. Metal is better and truly recyclable and easier to use, maintain, repair and adapt or modify.

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    You could, but large structures would get cost prohibitive at some point.  Then there's things like shipping containers which need to hold up to 67000 pounds which plastic couldn't handle. 

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