My wife is a soldier, wants to be a state trooper too. Is it selfish to not want her risking her life daily?

Her career has been her dream but she put it behind her before we met, then she found out being a soldier was my dream too but I was not able to join because of heart issues. I had tried for the police force even but I couldn't so that either. She became a soldier and wants to be a police officer as a way of helping me see that dream, we have a child now though and I do not need to live a dream through someone else.  Soldier I understood, that was her dream too; being a police officer is solely my own old dream that I don't even care about anymore. My concern is her getting killed trying to show me what things could've been like when I already like how it ended up. Anyways, I don't want her risking her life daily and feel she thinks she has to have this exciting active combat life to please me in some way. I only care about our sons future and him having a mom.

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  • 2 months ago

    Nathanial, tell your wife what you told us.

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  • KaleyK
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    2 months ago

    There are far more dangerous jobs than law enforcement.  Death rates are far higher in construction, agriculture and many other fields.  Most law enforcement deaths are from traffic accidents.  What law enforcement does have is the highest level of death by intentional violence.  It's still highly unlikely, especially for State-level law enforcement.  Do some research for your state about death rates of troopers.  That will settle your nerves.

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