Fruit flies/drain flies issue?

Recently the problem of fruit flies/drain flies has gotten out of control in my home. I was told a solution to get some drain gel to kill the source of it, which I did online. But how do I kill the other ones in the different areas of my home? Just regular fly traps? Please help

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    2 months ago

    For fruit flies, put some vinegar in a jam jar and cover with cling film, out a little hole in the top. Hopefully they'll fly in and not get out.

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  • 2 months ago

    I use baking soda and vinegar in such cases on my drains.

      I do this once a month . My fruit fly problem disappeared.

      You can buy fruit fly traps . Sugar water inside of them will attract them into those traps .

    Even just a glass left out with juice will drown some flies .

       If u put a lid on the glass where the flies can get in but not out and drown in the juice 

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  • 2 months ago

    If they are drain flies the various gels, bleaches, and boiling water tricks will not help since the larvae are virtually bullet proof. You need to physically remove the gunk which is down the drain, as this is what they breed on and what the larvae live on until they emerge.. Once the larvae are gone you'll be left with the adult flies, but since they only last 20 days and have nowhere to breed they'll die out.  Fly papers are very effective at catching the fliers.

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