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Covid-19 question ?

Does covid-19 lay dormant in your body indefinitely like mono? Does it die and exit your body eventually? What are researchers saying about it? 

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    Like other corona viruses, COVID 19 is eventually destroyed in the body after a few days and you develop an immunity to it for 40 or 50 years.

    However, some people who have severe symptoms and end up hospitalized get scarred lung tissue, which is permanent and will make it harder for your lungs to get oxygen in, depending on how much scarring occurs. This usually occurs in older folks and sick folks.

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      no, it'd lead to COPD. When the little air sacs in your lungs become scarred, they no longer inflate or deflate like they're supposed to. When that happens, the air inside them becomes stuck and that part of your lungs effectively doesn't work anymore. That's similar to COPD/Emphysema

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