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Is color blindness even an issue?

Hello everyone, all my life i've thought of myself as normal (im 17, 11th grade). I never once thought that i could be seeing something completely different compared to other people. But recent events has led me to believe that i am indeed colorblind (and far from being lightly colorblind)- i have been tested by my school and by an ophthalmologist. This got me thinking- while just doing some tests ive been able to see and identify colors ive looked at or at least what ive grown up seeing perfectly individually. 

When it comes to these "color blind tests" i do terribly. But in real life its not bad. Apparently i have a Red-Green color blindness in the middle of moderate and terrible. Strange enough my absolute worse is greys, blues, and pinks although just plain red and green is tricky to see in these tests as well. 

The real question is am i really missing something essential? Im a huge art fan , in fact i love drawing and always had a love for doing art since i was a small child. Have i just gone so long without knowing im colorblind that my normal isnt really normal and everyone else sees an immensely more beautiful world? And how would i never been able to connect the dots? Also my eyesight in general (outside of seeing color) is really good although ive always had trouble seeing the board at school (especially when teachers use 4 different colors all at once) 

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  • 2 months ago

    First of all, you know that color blind is not an accurate way to describe what you see. You don't see the world like an old black and white movie, you see a multitude of colors. You do have some trouble making fine distinctions in color. This could be a problem when it comes to matching your clothes. If your art looks good to other people, you are evidently doing fine there so it doesn't matter. You might have trouble working in an electronics factory where there may be a many colors of wires that are not much different. Your color vision may be tested for other jobs where it does not matter. If you have to take a color vision test, remind your potential employer that they can't discriminate against you based on a disability unless it directly affects your ability to do the job that they are hiring you for. There are all kinds of things in other people's lives that we will never experience.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Nothing real drastic to worry about.  Worst I know about is my grandad who I thought was a really bad driver until I learned that he was so colorblind he couldn't tell if the lights were red or green.  True !!!!1

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  • Mark
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    2 months ago

    Have you ever asked anybody if you are wearing two colours that do NOT complement each other or run through a horizontally-mounted signal?  How about not being able to read a Powerpoint presentation "because the screen looks blank" to you?  (It can be very serious, indeed, without proper precautions.)

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