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Why did I dream of my male friend again last night ?

We go same uni. Last night I dreamt of him again. It was a weird dream, I dreamt that he ran up the stairs to me because the lift stopped working and I dreamt people in my dream could tell he liked me. I dreamt about him a couple weeks ago that we were holding hands. 

I don’t fancy him, he’s not my type. And I haven’t thought about him for a while. So why did I dream of him?

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  • 2 months ago

    He is a symbol to you of the guys you could possibly date if you wanted to.  You don't fancy him though, so maybe there is another dude out there whom you do fancy.  When reading your question I wondered about whether you really wanted to date now, or not?  When you really begin to want to date, then try and define the type male friend you would enjoy being with.  

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  • 2 months ago

    Dreams are often exaggerated manifestations of your subconscious beliefs. So if you think he likes you a little, a dream might have him confessing his love for you. 

    Dreams are also often random; but since this is the second time you've dreamed of him, I don't think it's random. 

    You're in college. Might as well experiment ;)

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