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What was the 1970s like?

To anyone who was alive in the 1970s, please tell me, I was not alive back then and I’m curious.


Thanks for the answers, they are really interesting.

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    It was a bit mixed, we had a a miners strike that ended up with weeks of power cuts, school closures because there was no heating, a three day week, general misery all round, including terrorist attacks, failing businesses and finally the winter of discontent.  On a personal note I was at University, everything paid for with a grant, a care-free pre-Aids social life, getting to see top bands, a vibrant yet simple pre-digital age and at least one endless summer.

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     For the most part, I would have to say they were pretty fun times for me.  I played in a rock ‘n’ roll band in high school, and partied a lot on the weekends.  The music of that era was some of the best ever! And life was fun and carefree.  I wish I could go back to that time, and hang out with the friends I had then, who are no longer around.  

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    Depends on where you are and doing what. Some lived like kings, others worked to death.

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    If you were transported back now you ‘d think it grim and boring . Tiny TVs with 3 channels only , no mobile phones just public phone boxes, half vandalised, the rest with the stench of stale p!ss. Casual racism and sexism was fairly normal and football hooligans . A basic VCR cost several weeks wages, more if you went Betamax and only rich people had a 28 in TV.

    Awful clothes too. 

    On the plus side music was better , footballers weren’t paid stupid money to act (fouls Really hurt), and before inflation of the late 70s things were cheap esp beer. This last one esp important since pubs normally served you at 14 unless you were a short@ss.

    Man had just been to the moon and we thought holidays on Mars would be available in 10 years and Concorde had started. Little did we know, aviation would progress to flying a737 (already flying) to random European cities for £1.

    Many similar things, we had Opportunity Knocks and New Faces instead of X-Factor and BGT and Morcambe and Wise  instead of the Geordie Tw@ts. Corey was already 

    10 years old And Emmerdale still had Farm in the title and we had Crossroads instead of Eastenders .

    Somethings we never imagined , mobile phones full stop, never mind ones that were computers and cameras too , the internet ,being ashamed only have a 40in TV, and a virus shutting down the world.

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    Back then, I could ride my bike across town without needing any adult supervision.

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    Culture wise it was hoppin, but everyone was respected others choice  until disco then it all fell apart  :)

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    Everything was cheaper, you didn't have to lock your doors. More respect for elders. Parents where parents and not hanging with their children at the club, drinking, and being friends. Less haters

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    Just like today! The bells and whistles were different, but the basic nature of life was the same.

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    -much more face-to-face communication

    -much more reading books in-depth rather than fast-reading information on the internet

    -less manufactured music and movies

    -more critical movie-making, even in Hollywood

    -less cars than nowadays

    -cheaper rents

    -higher real wages

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    So-so I guess, not as violent as now though.

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