Please answer me about this oriental collar garment pulled down too long with the space as that if it's in all East Asian clothing cultures?

does a hanbok Korean garment or a Chinese garment qipao/hanfu also makes the back collar to make a little space behind your neck like see this for example if its as well as the j garment does like all Eastern Asian outfits do at all in China or Korea's garments back collars pulled down a bit like that too in a silly ridiculous way?

because it was weird when a girl or a lady has that hanged down like that showing their naked visible spine line back of the top under their back necks behind their garment like that for example very bizarre so it's ridiculous, because the freezing raindrops would of go right through in there easily or a snowflake or a water from the waterspout or water from a bucket by accident like how you put an ice cube under a shirt just like that they'd feel uncomfortable when they do not see from behind of what's happening like during a cold rainy season or very worse freezing themselves like that in winter when their back necks all not covered like that or if someone would of like to put bugs in there too so then this is how they didn't need a space behind under their necks on all these islands or mainlands of Eastern Asian culture clothes and how about boys and gentlemen too have a space behind their necks as well on their male clothes too?


also i forgot to mention that during a rainy or winter seasons it would give them a cold freezing shock when they had their back under necks not covered of both genders East Asian clothes

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I understand it is probably uncomfortable, but look at any other cultural outfit. Imagine those curly wigs that old rich white men used to wear. They were probably itchy. Those ridiculous dresses that women used to wear that extended further than their armspand. I am Mexican, and low quality sombraros scratch your head and itch a lot. Cultural clothing is simply uncomfortable all around the world.

    • Margaret2 months agoReport

      ur mexican and tell me about men wearing wig, not looking forward for that answer i just need an Asian person to tell me about this Eastern Asian backspace collar garment pulled down hanged like that in an indecent way of the Asian culture clotes, so ur mexican not Asian sorry!

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